4 Former Adult Film Actresses Who Shaped The Lives Of Today’s Girls

Former adult film actresses who are making an impact on young girls lives today..

The adult film industry has become a lucrative place for most specific men and women. Although this comes with a lot of bad judgment, most young girls looking for a quick buck often find themselves in the industry. Some say that it depends on the actors involved and the type of fantasy they are trying to fulfill.


Some actresses who could have gained notoriety in this environment decided to leave the industry and join a more lucrative one that had nothing to do with promiscuity or immorality.


Here are four former Her X actresses who have left the industry to help young girls who have been involved or are considering getting involved. These women focus on changing the minds of young girls and use their experiences to teach them about the adult film industry.


#1 Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa, 29, is a Lebanese-American media personality. In October 2014, Mia joined the adult industry as a p.*0.*n star. Her video became the most viewed video in two months, earning millions of dollars for the industry. One of her controversial videos was when she wore a hijab, which caused mixed reactions in the Middle East. On December 28 of that year, Pornhub revealed that Mia Khalifa was the number one actress on its website.


But in January 2015, Mia decided to leave the industry after her family and friends broke ties with her. She also received death threats from some who thought wearing the hijab in the film was disrespectful to the Muslim community.


“It was a revelation to me. I don’t want any of that, whether it’s positive or negative, but it was all negative. I didn’t think too much about it in terms of how my friends and family and relationships were suffering,” she said in an interview with The Washington Post.


Mia Khalifa advises young girls against making adult videos as a way to make a quick buck, as the experience can traumatize them for life.


#2 Monica Foster

Monica Foster

Monica Foster, whose real name is Alexandra Mayers, started out as a computer geek.


Over time, she decided to become an exotic dancer, then a cam girl, and later an adult film actress. After a brief stint in the industry, she realized that being an adult film actress was not the life she wanted, so she stopped acting. Today, she is a freelance blogger and investigative journalist, born-again Christian and musician. Her latest musical project “Christian P.or.star” tells her story in the adult film industry.


#3 Brittni De La Mora.

Brittni De La Mora

Brittni De La Mora, 31, entered the industry at the age of 16. This happened while she and her friends were traveling to Mexico for a girls night out. She makes about $30,000 a month working in the industry and is addicted to drugs to keep up with her career. Now, after seeing how dangerous the industry is, Brittney has decided to encourage young girls not to consider entering the industry.


“I always lived by what was going to make me happy right now and never thought about the future. And if you think about the future, do you want to deal with the repercussions of your s3xual acts on the Internet for the rest of your life?” she said in an interview.


#4 Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone

Karenjit Kaur Vohra, stage name Sunny Leone, is a former actress in the adult film industry.


She has won many industry awards and has made it clear that she has no regrets. However, she advises young girls to be willing to take responsibility for their actions, because that is the only way to learn.