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How To Delete 1xbet Account

How To Delete 1xbet Account | Cancel Account

How To Delete 1xbet Account-Hello, This article will be a complete guide on how to delete 1xbet account, how to delete transaction history in 1xbet and 1xbet login which will serve as the answer to the most frequent questions about 1xbet account.

Meanwhile, a quick reminder that 1xbet is one of the leading betting company in the world right now, it offers a varieties of betting such as sports, casino, racing and many more with sweet and good odds. It also offers live betting and they are widely know for cut one permutations (When your bet selection is cut by one game you will still be get paid) 1xbet Registration is free.

However, Understand that deleting 1xbet account means loosing your account profile on the platform. So make sure you want to delete your account before going ahead.

How To Delete 1xbet Account

Note that deleting your account will automatically means loose of assets and values, So make sure there is no fund on the account you wish to delete.

  • You can Delete Account By Sending Email
  • You Can Also Delete Account By Live Chat
  • You Can also call customer care Requesting For Account Deletion

Step 1. Open your email account that is registered with the application or website.
Step 2. Now compose an email and enter the email address
Step 4. Now write an email requesting them to delete your account from their database, and to wipe all your information with them, if any.

Click Here To Learn How To Write Email To Delete Account

How To Cancel your Account by Live Chat

Follow these steps below:

Step 1. Go to the following URL “”.
Step 2. Scroll down to the bottom right side of the page
Step 3. Click on the LIVE CHAT button

NOTE: The chat window takes time to load, but once it loads it will connect you with the customer support agent.
Step 4. Tell that agent that you would like to delete your account and tell them your honest for deleting your account

You Can also call customer care Requesting For Account Deletion

Alternatively, You can contact the customer care (  08000077777 ) requesting that your account profile should be deleted.

How To Delete Transaction History on 1xbet

Step 1: Open Your 1xbet App & Login carefully, If you don’t know how to login scroll below and learn how to do it.

Step 2: Once your done with login, Click on ”Profile”

Step 3: Click on ”Transaction history” and all your history will pop up and you will see an option to delete.


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