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How To Delete Binance Account

How To Delete Binance Account | Cancel Account

How To Delete Binance Account-Welcome! Looking for a way to delete your binance account? IF YES! then this article is for you because a simple steps have been created on how you can successfully delete binance account.

We also discovered that some of the reasons why users want to delete their binance account is because they are no longer trading with they accounts. Some other reasons are as a result of mail spamming or Maybe you want to switch your cryptocurrency to another exchange or due to security reasons.

However if your reason for wishing to delete your binance account is mail spamming, then we recommend that you mark such mails as spam whenever you receive them.

Moreover, if your reason for wishing to delete your binance account is otherwise then carefully follow the steps below to delete your account.

How To Delete Binance Account

In order to delete binance account follow the below method carefully:

Step 1. Kindly Login to your Binance account with your device either on computer or your mobile phone.

Step 2. Immediately, You will receive a login notification in your email, indicating that you have logged in to your account using another IP Address. Don’t bother is a security tip

Step 3. On the top hand right side that notification search and click on the Disable your Account link.

And your account will be disabled immediately, is as simple as that.

I believe that this article has helped you solve your problem in the easiest possible way. you can get more information on how to solve more of your problems by visiting this website for more and regular update

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