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How to Delete Bitmart Account-Looks like you are fed up using Bitmart account and you want to get rid of the account permanently, read below this article to find out how you can delete your account.

Bitmart is a very useful cryto platform, but it isn’t right for everyone. If you’ve decided that you no longer want your Bitmart account, you have the option to delete it. But it’s important to know what that means.

Hence you have deleted your account you can no longer use the platform and it features until you are able to create a new account. You can create a new account through the official website at www.Bitmart .com

Meanwhile, A Bitmart is an online trading platform with over 600+ trading pairs, which provides users with real time trading services which includes Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH) and other cryptocurrencies. It also provides for ongoing trading competition as well as a 24/7 global customer support.

Reason Users May Want to Delete Bitmart Account

From one of the top comment on how to delete Bitmart account, when they no longer want to continue using the platform.

Another very top reason is email spamming on your mailbox and you really don’t like such situations and that is actually very easy, unsubscribe from Bitmart newsletter through any of the emails sent to you by clicking the “Unsubscribe” button

Numerous other reasons that we don’t want bore you with. You just have to follow the guide below to successfully delete your Bitmart account.

If you have made up your mind that you want to get rid of the account follow the steps below and delete your account permanently.

How To Delete Bitmart Account

Users can delete their account by sending Email with this below guide;

1. Open your email account that is registered with the application.
2. Now compose an email and enter the email address
3. On Subject Type “Request To Delete My Bitmart Account”.
4. Now write an email regarding deleting your account sample given here. Type your user-id, email address, and write your honest reason regarding deleting your account. Send your email and wait for some days to get any kind of response.

Your email may be looking like this;


Subject: request to delete my Bitmart account

Dear Bitmart support team,

I no longer want to use my Bitmart account and I have withdrawn all the Bitmart balance, can you please delete my account permanently?


[Your Name]

You can also learn more on how to delete your account by sending email by checking my recent article on how to write an email to delete an account

There are other methods where a user account can be suspended or deactivated for a while from using Bitmart, especially where it involves scamming another user using the platform or violating other standing rules of

However, if a user is suspended with any of the above mention issues he/she can contact the Bitmart customer care using the support email or chatting the support through the app for right of appeal.

Can I create New Bitmart Account After Deletion?

Yes! You can always create a new bitmart account anytime you wish to come back and start using the platform.

If any of the above delete method isn’t working ?

You can easily cancel or delete your Bitmart account at any time by withdrawing all balances and inform their support team.

Is Bitmart secure?

Yes. Bitmart is completely secure as it is devoted to improving user’s security services continuously. Security of users and funds is their top priority. They may even limit the number of Bitmart account that you may hold.

Can U.S. citizen use Bitmart?

Yes. Bitmart provides its service to people over 180 countries worldwide that includes U.S., South Korea, U.K., and most European countries.

Why did my Bitmart account got suspended?

If you prohibit or violate their terms and conditions, your account will gets automatically suspended or deactivated or may even get cancelled.

Can I have more than one hosted wallet?

Yes. One or more hosted Digital Currency wallet allows users to store some supported digital currencies and to transfer, track, and manage.

Can I continue my pending transactions?

No. Remember that you’ll authorize them to suspend or cancel any of your pending transactions at the time of cancellation of your account.

Bitmart Login

Bitmart login can be done through the official mobile app available in Google play store or App store or you can use the official website.

I believe that this article has helped you solve your problem in the easiest possible way. you can get more information on how to solve more of your problems by visiting this website for more and regular update.

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