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How To Delete FanDuel Account

How To Delete Fanduel Account | Cancel Account

How To Delete Fanduel Account-Looks you are fed up using fanduel account and you want to get rid of the account permanently, read below this article to find out how you can delete your account.

Reason Users May want to delete Fanduel?

From one of the comment on how to delete Fanduel account, when they no longer want to keep using the fanduel account.

Another very top reason is email spamming on your mailbox and you really don’t like such situations and that is actually very easy, unsubscribe from Fanduel newsletter.

Numerous other reasons that we don’t want bore you with. You just have to follow the guide below to successfully delete your Fanduel account.

How To Delete FanDuel Account

Getting rid of your account can be done in three ways, pick the one convenient for you and finally delete your account.

  • Delete account by email
  • And delete your account through their Website.
  • Using Fanduel Web Form

How To Cancel Your Account By Email

Note, you can delete your account by sending an email to the company, requesting them to delete your account from their database.

Therefore, follow these steps below:

Step 1. Open your email account that is registered with the application or website.
Step 2. Now compose an email and enter the email address
Step 3.
Step 4.
Now write an email requesting them to delete your account from their database, and to wipe all your information with them, if any.

Click Here To Learn How To Write Email To Delete Account

Cancel your Account through their Website

Follow these steps below:

Step 1. Go to the following URL “
Step 2. Immediately, you will be taken to the support ticket page.
Step 3. Enter your name.
Step 4. Enter your EMAIL ADDRESS that is linked to the account you want to delete.
Step 5. In the subject section, write “DELETE MY ACCOUNT”
Step 6.
In the Message Box, write your honest reason to delete your account.
Step 7. Finally, click on SUBMIT YOUR QUESTION.

Cancel Account Using Fanduel Web Form

Step 1: Click on this following URL “

Step 2: Choose “Fanduel Sportsbook” from drop down menu over there.

Step 3: On the submit a support ticket, fill out the form detail: name, email address, description, State and reason for contact.

Step 4: Then click the “SUBMIT” at the bottom of the page. Within 48 hours you will receive a message that your account is deleted. If not then contact them again requesting the status of your request.

How Do I Remove My Credit Card From FanDuel?

Many users of Fanduel may want to delete fanduel account permanently because they credit card is stocked on they profile and wishes to remove it to avoid been debited.

Instead of deleting fanduel account totally why not remove your credit card from the website.

To have a credit/debit card deleted from your account, please contact customer service and allow 24-48 hours for removal.

You can contact the customer care using the above email requesting for your credit card to be removed from the website.

I believe that this article has helped you solve your problem in the easiest possible way. You can get more information on how to solve more of your problems by visiting this website for more and regular update


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