How To Do Npower Batch C Fingerprint Registration

The Npower batch C fingerprint registration has commenced online. Aspirants who partook in the just concluded profile updates and online tests are urged to examine if they have been shortlisted. 

There is a guide below you can follow to check your name and also do the fingerprint registration which is a requirement for the next phase.

Rather than the physical verification, the Npower batch C beneficiaries will have their fingerprint capturing done online via Npower’s official website.

Requirements to qualify for NPOWER batch c

Candidates must have accomplished the online profile updates. This update involves uploading documents, bank details, passports, and other personal data.

Candidates must have completed and submitted the test and test score obtained.

Meanwhile, candidates that are not chosen can re-apply for the next batch of the program as soon as the application portal opens.

How to complete Npower Biometric/Fingerprint registration


Shortlisted candidates are obliged to follow the steps below to carry out the Npower batch C fingerprint registration.


  • Scroll to the login section and fill in your application ID or email. The email must be the one obtained during the test exercise and profile update. Your application ID can be gotten on your enrollment slip


  • Click proceed to login


  • If you notice any such thing as “Transaction failed, please try again later”, rest assured it is a temporary portal issue. All you have to do is to try again in a couple of  hours


  • Then, click continue to login


  • Subsequently, on your dashboard, find the tag for VERIFICATION and you would see the steps for fingerprint capturing and registration

Note: It would be difficult to do the capturing of your fingerprint on your phone regardless of how refined it is. However, it is advisable to employ the service of an experienced cafe around you.

When is the closing date for Npower batch C fingerprint registration?


The closing date for the Npower batch C fingerprint registration has not been announced by the ministry, applicants are urged to enroll as timely as possible, regardless.

Moreover, if you need assistance, you can contact the support team on:



In the meantime, some difficulties may arise during your fingerprint registration. If you experience any difficulty, here are a few guides to follow to resolve it:


  • Ensure that all the necessary software is installed on your computer. Ensure that the right bit of the capturing scanner is installed, that is the 64bit or 32bit.


  • Ensure you have installed the latest update of the NPOWER Biometric Registration as software is continually updated, so to prevent using the outdated one, update continually.


  • Also, ensure that you’re not initiating a different fingerprint software on the same computer you are making use of.

However, If you have followed these steps successfully and are still experiencing problems, rest assured it is temporary from the server of Npower. Ensure to visit the page in a few days to try again.