N-power Recruitment 2022

N-power recruitment for 2022/2023 is out and ready. If you have been wondering or wish to get information on this year’s N-power recruitment, you are in the right place. 

What You Must Know About N-power before Applying.

Before going to battle you have to be prepared and know the enemy you are at war with. Likewise, if you want to apply for this 2022 N-power recruitment. You must know what you are up against. 

What is N-power?

N-power is a program that is organized by the federal government of Nigeria, President Muhammad Buhari, and his vice Yemi Osibanjo. This program aims at helping youths from ages 18-35 by providing skills and employment. Its logo is “Empowering Nigerian Youths for Prosperity.” Npower is for both graduates and undergraduates.


Qualifications for 2022 N-power Recruitment

Here are the requirements for applying for N-power 2022 recruitment.

  • The official recruitment portal Npower 2022 is nasims.gov.ng and npower.fmhds.gov.ng.


  • You must be a Nigerian citizen.


  • Make sure you have your school certificates ready (NECO, WASSE, GCE, NABTEB) and approved means of identification like ID card, driver’s license, NYSC certificates for graduates, voters card, and an international passport.


  • Know your Bank Verification Number (BVN) 


  • The application is free, so do not pay anyone who claims he can help you.


  • The program is for graduates and undergraduates.


  • Creative Writing skills are also required.


  • You must be from the age of 18 to 35 before applying.


  • Good spoken English 


  • Proficiency to understand self tutorials.


  • You should have good knowledge of Microsoft Office tools.


  • Applicants must be physically and mentally fit.  

How to Apply for N-power 2022

Here is a detailed step-by-step procedure for applying for N-power.

  • Go to the official portal for Npower at nasims.gov.ng or power.fmhds.gov.ng and choose a program that you are qualified for.


  • Create an account by providing your name, email address, password, etc.


  • After you have signed up you will also be required to log in so your application process can start on the portal for application.


  • Click login


  • Put in your email and password then click login to the Npower portal for application.


  • You will have to choose a program of your choice according to your academic qualification and click on apply.


  • Ensure to read the terms and conditions and also accept all their information.


  • Next, enter your BVN.


  • Make sure that all the necessary details are provided.


  • Your passport photograph will also need to be uploaded in PNG or JPEG files in 25-kilo bytes.


  • Make sure all your details are correct. And submit your application.


  • After submitting your application details you will be given a unique Identification Number. Write the number down alongside your contact information for future purposes.


  • After you have completed your registration, you will receive an email that will confirm your registration. This email will also contain every necessary detail concerning the Npower registration. (www.topnigerianjobs.com

How Salaries are Paid in Npower

Types of Npower     Monthly salary 



Npower Tech.           #28,000-30,000


Npower Health        #30,000-40,000


Npower Tech

Software.                 #20,000-40,000


Npower Agro.          #25,000-30,000


Npower Build.         #27,000-30,000


Npower comm-

unity education.       #10,000-30,000



Tech.                         #20,000-40,000


Npower creative.       #10,000-30,000


There is a saying that knowledge is power. Knowing about Npower will enlighten you about the job opportunity.

This job does not last for a lifetime. There is a specific time fixed for working. This program’s main aim is to equip our youth and eradicate poverty.