Step by step instructions to Erase Birthday From Facebook

Step by step instructions to Erase Birthday From Facebook; Facebook is an online entertainment webpage that permits you to interface with loved ones.

You can stay in contact with your friends and family, share photographs, recordings, remarks and news stories from around the world.

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You might have made Facebook a focal piece of your life; in any case, over the long haul you might need to erase a portion of the things you’ve posted on Facebook in light of the fact that they at this point not matter to you. For instance, assuming it was something humiliating or destructive to others that you’d prefer not to have online until the end of time.

For example, when individuals progress in years they begin contemplating their previous activities and post things they wish they hadn’t shared freely.

At the point when this occurs, as a general rule individuals don’t find opportunity to erase that large number of posts as a matter of fact. They turn out to be put away online for a really long time until somebody chooses to go through their old stuff one day and find them as a matter of fact.

Perhaps you’re not one of these individuals, and there’s a portion of your confidential data on your Facebook profile that you might want to eliminate. In this article, we’ll tell you how to erase your birthday data from Facebook.

What Does Erasing Your Birthday From Facebook Mean?

At the point when you erase your birthday from Facebook, it will eliminate each of the posts, notices, and different things connected with data about your birthdate on Facebook. Thus, at whatever point you have your birthday, individuals will never again get warnings for it

How to Erase Your Birthday From Facebook?

Whether or not you are dealing with a work area or cell phone, the interaction will be the pretty much the equivalent.

In the first place, you should sign into your Facebook account. That will divert you to your news source. From that point, you ought to make these strides:

Click on your name at the highest point of the page to get to find out about you.
On your profile page, click on the About button, which is under your cover photograph.

At the point when you view the outline of the About segment, click on Contact and Essential Data.
Look down to the part that is generally essential and snap on the pencil symbol close to the date of birth.

Subsequent to tapping on the pencil symbol, select the Security symbol. After you click on this, you will see the protection menu, where you can pick who can see your birthday and who will get notices about it. If you have any desire to conceal it totally, select the Main Me choice.

Remember to change the protection settings for your introduction to the world year, as well.
At the point when you are finished, click on Save.


By doing the means we have point by point above, you ought to have the option to actually make the date of your birthday apparent to just certain individuals of your decision. Nobody will get any notice that your birthday is drawing nearer, and nobody will actually want to see it except if you let them.