CAN 2021 : Pierre Lechantre Explains Why Cameroon’s Elimination Is Not A Surprise

Cameroon was eliminated by Egypt in a penalty shootout after 120 minutes without a goal in the African Cup of Nations on Thursday night.


The performance surprised more than one person because of the offensive performance of the Indomitable Lions in previous games. But no, former host coach Pierre Lechantre was the 2000 African champion. Speaking to Africa Sport News, the French coach explained why the elimination did not really surprise him.


Since the beginning of the CAN, Cameroon has not had to face any great options, except Burkina Faso, a very good team. Even if I have a lot of respect for these teams, Cape Verde, Ethiopia, Comoros or Gambia are not the best team in Africa. And against such an opponent, someone like Abubakar or Toko Ekambi can play without any real background. But against the Egyptian formation at the level of training, it will not pass.

He showed his limits,” he said, and returned to the performance of inflexible lion that he found incomprehensible.


“What impresses me most about Cameroon’s game is that it is mostly focused on long passes. There is really no construction. Some of the choices surprised me. Why not bring in a team member, especially in anticipation of potential penalties. Big battle “I don’t understand.

It’s a pity that Cameroon lost in the semi-finals when the country dreamed of winning the CAN at home. It may be difficult to play against Senegal in the final, in my opinion, Senegal has performed in many ways in Cameroon Excellent, the Lions will have to remobilize quickly for the playoff for the World Cup 2022 against Algeria in March.